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#20: Ondřej Krajíček: People Print More When Working From Home, We Foresee a Hybrid Future for Our Workforce

Hello everyone and welcome to CristinaMuntean.TV for another fresh and insightful interview!

Our guest today is Ondřej Krajíček, managing director of Y Soft North America and chief technology strategist at the Y Soft Corporation.

Y Soft is one of the most impressive success stories of the Czech entrepreneurial ecosystem of the last decades. The company, which celebrated 20 years of existence last year, provides intelligent enterprise office solutions that make companies smarter and their people more creative and more productive. Y Soft has offices in 16 countries around the world and user software localized in 35 native languages.

How did the model of work change in Y Soft since the beginning of the pandemic? What is the recipe for the company’s global success? And what does it mean being smarter and more productive as an organization and as an individual in the new world of work? These are the topics for our interview today.

Datum: 26/03/2021
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